Fancial 24.25LB Sex Doll for Men Realistic Female Butt Life Size Male Masturbator Lifelike Sex Toy with Tight Vaginal Anal Real Love Doll Tempting Labia Sucking Stroker Pocket Pussy Ass -8.85*13*10.82 inch (SQ-MAS50083V)

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【Spanking Fun and DIY Outfit Fun】Big sexy butt is made of high-soft TPE material, which is soft and elastic. Because of its soft elasticity, it will shake back and forth when spanking it, which is particularly realistic. This kind of experience is far beyond the reach of a small butt.Since its size is very close to life size, it is very convenient to put on panties for her. You can carefully choose the style you want for her and dress her up as your ideal partner with an immersive feeling

【Perfect Size】Very close to the size of a real woman's ass, and the 24.25 LB will hold her in place without moving from side to side. Using this feature, you can try a variety of poses, such as doggy style, wheelbarrow, magic mountain. Among these, doggy style is superb which takes you surprise. For the most authentic feel you want, this size fits best

【Modeled After a Real Mannequin】The lifelike male masturbator toy is modeled after a real mannequin. Realistic skin texture, it feels like touching a real person's butt. Clearly visible abdominal muscles. The sexy and soft outer labia is wrinkled, and the inner vaginal particle is spirally designed, and the stimulation is progressive layer by layer, and the deeper it is, the more exciting it is. The anal passage is covered with small ridges and small bumps, and the feeling of squeezing is full

【Advanced Packaging】The outside is a sturdy and plain box, which is used to store the butt. and the butt can be stored for 1-2 years without deformation.The simple large box outside can ensure that your product information will not be leaked, and effectively protect your privacy

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