COKELIFE Powder Lubricant, 45g, Dry Powdered Lubricant Mix, Safe for Condoms, Safe for Rubber, and Safe for Your Skin - Easy to Use and Simple to Clean (200860)

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EASY AND QUICK TO MAKE - This highly economical dry powdered lubricant can be made quickly and easily. Mix some water and powder together and your lubricant is ready in an instant

JUST A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - A single bottle of COKELIFE It can be used in 500kg of water, the dosage is large, and it can be used for a long time.

PERFECT CONCENTRATION AND VISCOSITY - Want lubricant that’s produced at your desired concentration and viscosity? With COKELIFE powder mix you now have the ability to choose!

REMAINS FRESH - If you make a little too much lubricant, no problem - COKELIFE dry lubricant powder contains specialized preservatives so your lubricant will remain as fresh as the day you made it. Simply add a little more water when you wish to use.

EASY CLEANUP - This lubricating powder mix is quick and easy to clean - all you need is a little soap and warm water.

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